Paper Child Studios can provide you or your business with custom tailored software development solutions and engineering services. Our engineers bring a variety of programming disciplines to the table. We are capable of developing for low to high end devices including mainstream mobile, iOS, Android, Palm OS, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and Mac. We specialize in video game/entertainment applications, game engine development and design, and tools programming.


Our Art Team is diverse and experienced, with talents ranging from 2D Raster and Vector imaging, to 3D Animation. We're well acquainted with Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, and have a solid foundation among other programs, such as - but not limited to - After Effects and Wondertouch. We're very passionate about our art, and like our programming team, specialize in video game/entertainment works.


Paper Child Studios is proud to offer Quality Assurance testing services. Our QA staff speicalizes in game software testing for multiple platforms. Our staff will provide and execute test plans to meet the needs of your project. We will work with you and your development team to create polished experiences for all of your targeted platforms.